Anti-vaxxers bribe doctors for a fake vaccination but end up with actual vaccine instead

Fake vaccinations have allegedly been offered in dozens of vaccination centres throughout Greece, media reported last Sunday. The going fee for doctors and nurses is apparently 400 euros.  The fee is paid is by those who do not want to receive the vaccine against Covid-19 but want to gain access to be able to live a normal life or simply avoid the twice per week rapid tests requirement.


Doctors take the bribe money but administer the real vaccines and not “Saline” in order to avoid prosecution should the non-vaccination event become known to the authorities according to Mega TV.

Health authorities inspectors frequent vaccination centres around Athens and Greece following reports that this has been occurring to remind the business to do the right thing and that they a liable for fines.

Greek Police have reportedly dismissed the story which appeared on the Vima on Sunday without elaborating on details.

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