Turkish DM Akar: Greece's alliance with France will cause cracks in NATO

hulusi akar Turkey

Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar turned his arrows against Greece once again, referring to the Greek-French alliance with provocative statements, saying that it was going to cause cracks in NATO.

Specifically, the Turkish minister in an interview with Hurriyet reported that bilateral alliances of Greece would damage the Euro-Atlantic alliance.

Provocatively he emphasised that it is not reasonable "not to look at your height and your strength."

"In the Mediterranean, some countries do not look at their boy and their power and try to take on some roles," he said.

Ignoring Turkey's provocative behavior in the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean, Akar tried to present his country as a "guarantee of peace and stability in the region" and launched an attack on France.

As he said, Paris is trying to ally with Athens in the energy sector, but it also supplies it with weapons, causing damage to both NATO and Greece.

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