'Astypalea: Smart & Sustainable Island' initiative presented by Mayor Komineas at COP26


The Mayor of Astypalea, Nikos Komineas, participated in the UN World Conference on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow.

At the conference he presented the vision of the municipality for the green and sustainable development of the island of Astypalea.

The mayor also presented the way in which the ambitious project "Astypalea: Smart & Sustainable Island", implemented in collaboration with the Volkswagen Group and the Greek government, will contribute significantly to its realisation.

According to an announcement, the mayor, accompanied by Costas Komninos, general manager of the Network of Sustainable Islands (DAFNI), participated as a guest speaker in two events organised by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD), the Scottish Enterprise (OECD) and Nordregio, in the context of the publication of the "Rural Agenda for Climate Action" report of the OECD Rural Policy Working Group.

In the first event, Komineas presented a vision for the balanced development of island areas, such as Astypalea, effectively connecting tourism with the local agricultural economy.

In this direction, he highlighted the planning of the municipality for the implementation of modernisation projects in energy infrastructure, waste, water and transport, based on the principles of sustainability and the circular economy.

In the second event, Astypalea was presented as a "good example" in a thematic unit promoting the benefits to the local community and economy from the implementation of RES energy projects.

Komineas focused on the strategy of the municipality for the implementation of an RES hybrid station project, as promoted within the project "Astypalea: Smart & Sustainable Island", in order to meet local energy needs in contrast to other proposed large-scale RES projects.

In addition, he presented the innovative proposal of the municipality for the establishment of an energy community as a management body for both the RES project and other infrastructure of the island.

Finally, the mayor highlighted the challenges the Greek islands face in terms of infrastructure management, but also opportunities for the development of innovation projects, which can be reproduced both in the countryside and in urban areas.

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