Covid-19 vaccination certificates could expire

Denmark, Sweden, Austria to issue digital 'vaccine certificates'

The possibility that the current Covid-19 vaccination certificates could expire was left open if the EU failed to agree, Marios Themistokleous, Secretary-General of Primary Health Care said on Friday.

On the issue of the prospect of a 4th Covid dose, he noted: “A fourth Covid-19 shot “will probably not be necessary”, explaining on Skai TV that it will logically not be needed, as the scientific data so far showed that with the third jab people gain a permanent degree of immunity.

As he pointed out, a discussion for the expiration of the certificate has opened both at a scientific level and an administrative level.
“In France, authorities have set an expiration for the certificate for those over 65, while there is a discussion at the level of EU ministers if there is no joint decision, our country can move in a different direction,” he said.

Health authorities on Friday made COVID passes mandatory for open-air restaurants and cafes, as well as indoor public spaces.

Face masks are still mandatory indoors and at large outdoor gatherings.

However, in several regions, the measures are not being respected, especially in some Orthodox churches where images in the media have shown maskless worshippers kissing icons and not observing social distancing.

Father Timotheos, spokesman for the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, on Monday claimed on Mega TV that “sacred icons do not transmit the virus or disease”.

Senior health ministry official Marios Themistokleous on Monday warned cases were on the rise in Greece, even if 61.2 per cent of the population had received two vaccination jabs.