90 YEAR-OLD STELIOS PRASSAS: "We must finish the race to glorify Greece!" says the oldest participant in Athens Marathon (VIDEO)

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At 90 years of age, Stelios Prassas was the oldest athlete to participate at this year's 38th Authentic Marathon of Athens, and triumphantly finish the entire 42.2 km race on Sunday. 

"We will try to finish in order to glorify Greece" said Prassas at the beginning of the race which saw him compete with 9,800 athletes from 83 countries.

prassasAnd he did it! At age 90, Prassas crossed the finished line and celebrated with his grandchildren and family who were waiting for him to complete the gruelling race.

"I love life, nature, the sky . I rejoice every day that dawns. My message to young people is to participate in sports, exercise and watch their diet so that they never need a doctor like me." he exclaimed

Surprisingly, Prassas was not entirely satisfied with his performance, noting a sore waste and back.

"Although the weather was the most suitable for the race I could not perform as I would've like to because I have a discomfort in my waist which preventing me from performing as I would want".

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Upon arriving at the finish line at Kallimarmaro stadium in Athens, the 90 year old was hugged by his grandchildren while the president of SEGAS, Sofia Sakorafa, placed an olive wreath on his head.