Greek tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas remains optimistic despite loss against Andrei Rublev

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Greek tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas was disappointed by his defeat by Andrei Rublev, but remains optimistic about his progression in the ATP Finals.

“I have played better games, but Andrei played exceptionally, his service was better than any other time I have seen him. In the first set he had over 20 consecutive first serves – maybe the stats are different, but I had that feeling. He was very good.” said Tsitsipas in his first statements after the game.

“I remain excited. I want to play good tennis and despite the defeat today I feel that I have opportunities and I want to show better tennis. I know the tournament, I’m playing for the third time this year. The excitement in this tournament is always the same as the first time you play. It has a format that most players are not used to, with round robin rules all sets are very important, how many sets you will lose and how many you will win. I like it because it still gives me opportunities and I can improve and become  better match by match.”