Good Morning Britain presenters: "Can we have Mitsotakis instead of Boris Johnson? He's a bit hunky"

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Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis joined Susanna Reid and Ed Balls on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Tuesday and discussed his upcoming meeting with his British counterpart Boris Johnson.

The British Prime Minister has boycotted Good Morning Britain for 1,595 days, whilst Mitsotakis was more then happy to appear on the show and discuss a variety of topics, including illegal immigration to Greece and the return of the Acropolis Marbles.

After the interview, the pair spoke with fellow ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly who was full of praise for the Greek leader while also hitting out at Johnson

She began: “I just want to share with you as well we have had an outpouring of love for the Greek Prime Minister.”

“He’s lovely I like him,” Kelly commented.

“We’ve had a lot of people in touch,” Reid continued when speaking about Mitsotakis. “Can we have the Greek Prime Minister instead of our Prime Minister?”

GMB Kyriakos Mitsotakis
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Good Morning Britain

“Yes let’s swap,” Kelly quipped as Reid read out tweets from viewers.

“Isabel, please can we have the Greek Prime Minister instead of our Prime Minister? What an intelligent, thoughtful sensitive person,” she said.

“Chris, the Greek Prime Minister had my attention he’s speaking clearly and precisely.

“Charlotte, what a lovely man the Greek Prime Minister seemed.”

Charlotte Hawkins interjected: “That's not me by the way.”

“You were quite impressed as well frankly,” Reid quipped. “Apparently he’s got everyone's vote.”

“Wasn’t it lovely to hear someone make sense and actually being there, turning up,” Kelly said.

Reid agreed: “Being here, doing the interview and not being in a fridge.”

Kelly told ITV viewers what they can expect on her show before Balls teased his co-stars on how much they enjoyed Mitsotakis’ interview.

Balls said: “He was also a bit hunky the Greek Prime Minister, wasn’t he Lorraine?”

“He didn’t do it for me Ed in that way but I can see where you’re coming from,” she replied.

“On both sides here it’s getting quite steamy I can feel the vibe,” Balls continued. “Piers Morgan out Greek Prime Minister in.”

“Well were you feeling a little threatened?” Reid asked Balls.

“I thought he was fabulous,” the former Shadow Chancellor admitted.

“You’ve got a thing for him,” Reid teased her new co-host.

Reading out another tweet, she continued: “Ian says, the Greek Prime Minister appearing on GMB instead of Boris Johnson shows the Prime Minister has no interest in speaking to the public of the UK.”

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