Threatened Dutch journalist flees Greece

Threatened Dutch journalist flees Greece 1

Ingeborg Beugel was in the news over the past days after the Greek prime minister reacted furiously when she asked him about alleged pushbacks, sending boats full of migrants back, during a press conference. Schutte confirms a report by on Wednesday that Beugel is being threatened to such an extent that she will return to the Netherlands.

Speaking to Dutch media said that after the interview went viral last week, she was attacked by a man when she went to a store wearing the same red hat.

The man called her a “Turkish spy” and a “wh*re” and threw a stone at her on her way home in Athens, Beugel said.

She added that she did not receive any protection by the Greek authorities.

On the advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch embassy in Athens, Beugel has decided to leave Greece as soon as possible, while the Dutch Journalists’ Association provides assistance to the correspondent who has been living in Greece for the last 40 years.

She also said that she would like to return to Greece at some point.


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