Vamvakou Revival | Laconia | December 4-26

vamvakou revival

Vamvakou Revival, an initiative by a group of young men and women who set out to breathe new life into their ancestral village after it came to the brink of desertion, has put together a special program of events for the holiday season.

Showcasing the history, architecture, folk customs and people of this quaint Laconian settlement in the southeastern Peloponnese, the holiday program includes nature walks, educational activities for kids and adults, theatre, storytelling and music, among other events. To find out more, visit The initiative is supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation; tycoon Stavros Niarchos’ family had its roots in Vamvakou.

It’s Christmas time in Vamvakou

In December, at the altitude of 950 meters, in fairytale-styled Vamvakou, music comes across pottery, theatre winks at the cinema, the environmental activities take over from the educational programmes and the science labs meet up with unique delicacies and warm hospitality.

It's Christmas time in Vamvakou
It’s Christmas time in Vamvakou

To find out more, visit