Erdoğan's AKP: "Turkey will take Thessaloniki in five hours and then Athens"

Metin Külünk Turkey

Central Committee member of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development People (AKP) Metin Külünk claimed that his country is being attacked by Kurds and FETÖ, and that if all else fails then foreign powers will attack Turkey from Greece.

Specifically, he claimed that his country is being attacked by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and FETÖ (Fethullahist Terrorist Organisation), the abbreviation given to describe the Gülen movement, an Islamist fraternal movement led by Fethullah Gülen.

Gülen is a Muslim preacher who has lived in exile the United States since 1999.

Külünk also claimed that his country is being subverted by LGBTs.

He then said that in this eventuality, "Greece is going to launch missiles" but that Turkey will take "Thessaloniki in five hours [then] Athens in another five hours."

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