November 22, 1940 – Greek Army Liberates Korytsa a second time

Greek Army Korytsa

During the Greco-Italian War in World War II, Korytsa (Κορυτσά, Albanian: Korçë) in Northern Epirus (Southern Albania) became the main base of operations for the Italian Air Force, where it launched attacks on Greece.

November 22, 1940 - Greek Army Liberates Korytsa a second time 1During the Greek counter-attack, the Italians fled the area, thus bringing the city under the control of the Greek Army, liberating Korytsa once more after it was once liberated during the First Balkan War but ultimately handed over to the new Albanian state.

The battle for Korytsa formed the first part of the operation against the Italians and marked the final stage of the Greek penetration in the Battle of Morava–Ivan heights sector.

The Italian 9th Army was entrenched around the town, but fierce fighting over two days led to the break-through of the Italian defensive line by the Greeks and its capture.

Remnants of the 9th Army itself avoided capture, as the opposing Greek forces were poorly motorized and unable to pursue the retreating Italians.

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