There is no longer a federation solution in Cyprus, says Tatar

Ersin Tatar federation

The issue of a Cypriot Federation was closed after he took over the "presidency" of the pseudo and illegal state of the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", said Turkish-speaking Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar.

Speaking at a meeting with a delegation from the occupied Turkish municipality of Kourou Monastiri (Κουρού Μοναστήρ, Turkish: Çukurova), Tatar reiterated his support for "the existence of two separate sovereigns and equal states," which exist side by side.

He said he was pleased that, as he put it, "this new policy advocated by the Turkish Republic, non-governmental organisations and political parties is being consolidated and adopted to a large extent."

Tatar reiterated not only his opposition to a federation, but also that in Cyprus "there are two peoples. We respect the Greek Cypriots."

"But we also want to be respected. If there is to be an agreement in Cyprus, the guarantee rights of the Republic of Turkey and its military presence must continue," he said.

Tatar also said that they need to work to strengthen cultural and economic ties with Turkey.

During a delegation's visit to the so-called "prime minister", Faiz Soutziouoglou, he said the "government" was focusing on its goal of making the pseudo-state financially autonomous.

He also said that "the federation is no longer an option on the table for the government and our president."

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