Botswana: Greeks living in the country looking for a way to leave for Christmas

Botswana Greeks COVID-19 omicron

Greeks living in Botswana have expressed concern about the new mutation found on the African continent.

It is noted that the new mutation named Omicron has sounded the alarm around the world, as it is a highly contagious variant that may not be covered by vaccines.

Greeks living in Botswana  spoke to OPEN TV and noted that while waiting to return to Greece for Christmas, they now speculate that they will be faced with new quarantine measures.

"We are worried, we thought things were going for the better," they said.

According to the report, there are about 40 Greek families living in the African country.

The Honorary Consul of Botswana, Gerasimos Sioutas, revealed that already three Greek workers have contacted him asking for help so that they can leave for the holidays.

He noted that "if 50% of the population had been vaccinated, we would not have a mutation problem from the African continent."

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