An Exhibition of Olympic Torches is the latest addition to the Hellenic Museum's collection in Melbourne

Olympic Torch Exhibition

​Hellenic Museum Flame of Olympia Exhibition now on.

This new exhibition features every Olympic torch from the 1936 Berlin Games until the Rio Games in 2016 as is currently on in Melbourne.

For almost twelve centuries, the ancient Olympics united the Greek world and the modern Games have, for over 120 years, brought together over 200 nations as they compete under the banner of friendship. Greece, as the birthplace of the Olympics, remains an important part of the tradition.

sydney olympics 2000 torch

Securing a rare collection of original Summer Games Olympic torches, Flame of Olympia showcases torches from the Berlin Games in 1936, when the torch relay was first introduced, to the 2016 Rio Games.

The exhibition explores the ancient history of the Games and their modern revival through a collection of torches, audio-visual guides, virtual reality technology and rare documentary footage.

The audio guide for Flame of Olympia is included with every entry ticket to the Hellenic Museum. You can also experience it digitally by visiting the Lithodomos™ website.

Tickets Available

Open daily 10 am – 4 pm.

Hellenic Museum

Former Royal Mint Building

280 William Street

Melbourne Victoria 3000