Turkey detains 27 Taiwanese in raid on alleged smuggling ring

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Turkey detains 27 Taiwanese in raid on alleged fraud ring.

Turkish police detained 27 suspects from Taiwan in an operation to crack down on alleged fraud in the Mediterranean resort town of Bodrum, reports said Saturday (Nov. 27).

Local police acted in cooperation with Taiwan law enforcement officers to raid a network involved in people smuggling and online fraud, CNA reported. At the Taiwan end, it was the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) that contacted the Turkish authorities to help organize the raid, the report said.

The Taiwanese had rented a villa with a swimming pool in Bodrum, a popular destination for tourists from all over Europe due to its location on a peninsula in the Aegean Sea close to the Greek island of Kos.

Turkish media reportedly showed footage of the suspects, including several women, lined up in the garden of the villa. Inside the building, police found phones, laptops and desktops allegedly used in the scams, as well as US$10,000 (NT$278,000) and 120,000 Turkish lira (NT$269,000) in cash, a report by Turkey’s Kent TV said.

A similar operation in May targeted a fraud ring in the province of Antalya comprising 52 Chinese and 29 Taiwanese, which targeted Taiwan residents.