Annoyance in Turkish media for the American transport ship in Alexandroupolis

ARC Independence Turkish

The arrival of the American cargo ship “ARC Independence” in the port of Alexandroupolis is widely reported on by Turkish media, which present the news with obvious annoyance.

The news portal Haberler talks about “increasing tension next to the Turkish border”.

The article spreads all the information that has become known about the military equipment carried by the American transport, noting that the port of Alexandroupolis is “only 40 kilometres from Turkey.”

The portal writes, among other things: “The US military transport ship” ARC Independence “arrived at the port of Alexandroupolis.

“It became known that the ship, which carries a large number of helicopters and military vehicles to support the military exercise “Atlantic Resolve” is not the only one that arrived in the port of Alexandroupolis, which is only 40 km from Turkey.

“Other ships will come to the area in the coming days with military equipment.”



CNN Türk said: “Apart from” ARC Independence, “in the next few days other American transport companies will arrive in Alexandroupolis.”

They also referred to the event that will take place on Friday in the port of Alexandroupolis in the presence of the American Ambassador Athens, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, and Greek officials.

“Over a thousand tanks, more than 120 helicopters and a large number of military personnel are expected to arrive in Alexandroupoli within the larger mission they have made,” noted CNN Türk in an article today titled “US Giant mission to Alexandroupolis.”


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