VIDEOS: First snow of the season fell on Trikala and Karditsa, Kozani turned white

snow trikala November 2021

The weather is extremely wintery in many areas of Greece, with snow being dumped in many areas of northern Greece.

The first snow fell in Karditsa and Trikala at an altitude of even less than 1,000 metres.

At the same time, in Trikala, the temperature has been noticeable.

The Pertouli Ski Centre was covered in white, while in the lowland parts the heavy rains continued throughout the night.

Nine machines of the Regional Unit of Trikala are throwing salt to keep the roads open.

Kozani is also white.

Several areas of Kozani were covered in white as snow appeared in the mountains of the prefecture.

The temperature even dropped below zero, while the images from the villages that make the rounds on the internet are enchanting.

According to Kozan, Vlasti and Samarina of Kozani have turned white.

Snow is also expected to fall in Florina, Amynteo and Ptolemaida.

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