Athens: Pakistani parents accuse compatriot of raping their underage daughter, "dowry" requested

Police car Greece Greek Pakistani Athens Thessaloniki

A family of wealthy Pakistanis accused their compatriot of raping their daughter when she was a minor, but according to a court, the same people then asked the young man for a plot of land in Glyfada, 50,000 euros in a lump sum and 500 euros a month.

The case is expected to be heard by the Mixed Jury Court of Piraeus on Monday following a lawsuit filed by the girl's parents, who was 15 years old when she entered into a relationship with the then 19 year old compatriot.

According to Para Politika, the girl's parents claim that their daughter was raped and blackmailed by the young man, who is alleged to have threatened to publish her nude photos on social media in order for her to have an affair with him.

As it appears however, the girl's parents when informed that their daughter had an affair with the 19-year-old Pakistani, in order to consent to marriage, asked for a "dowry".

The consultations between the two parties reached the police and judicial authorities, with the girl's mother seizing the 19-year-old's mobile phone, not returning it to him and then accusing him of stealing 5,000 euros and jewelry worth 20,000 euros.

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