Joint Chinese-Pakistani project faces problems following court battle

CPEC China Pakistan

A contract for the Dhabeji Industrial Zone (DIZ), a part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), faces major problems after it was challenged before a Pakistani court.

The DIZ project near Karachi is being challenged on the allegation that rules of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) were not followed while awarding the contract, Karachi-based Dawn newspaper reported.

The Sindh government claimed that since the 1,500 acres project has not been given the status of SEZ, the rules of special economic zones do not apply to it.

CPEC has been marred with controversy since the announcement of the $46 billion project in 2015, particularly since locals are opposing China’s increasing involvement in Balochistan as it has not benefited the people.

Meanwhile, people of other provinces are enjoying the fruits of the mega project, leading to widespread protests as the Chinese are viewed as encroachers who are squeezing out all the wealth from the region.

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