Moscow: Varvitsiotis inaugurates exhibition displaying relics from the 1821 Greek Revolution


Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis inaugurated the exhibition "Greece during the Struggle for Independence 1821-1830 through Russian sources" at the Russian State Library in Moscow on Tuesday.

Varvitsiotis is wrapping up a two-day official visit to the Russian capital.

After the exhibition, he wrote on Twitter that he was "amazed by the rare relics housed in the 'Blue Room', through which I saw the passion of Russians during that time for the Greek Revolution" and which included rare imperial engravings with maps of Greece.

The Greek people have never forgotten Russia's contribution to the struggle for independence, he noted.

The Greek minister also met with Russian students who are studying at Modern Greek language departments in Moscow universities, and whose "passion for the Greek language" he said he admired.

The exhibition is being held in the context of the Greece-Russia History Year, organised jointly by both countries' governments.

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