Pope Francis in Cyprus: Man tried to approach him with a knife

Pope Francis Cyprus

More than 10,000 people were in the stands of the GSP stadium in the Cypriot capital of Nicosia to attend the Divine Liturgy performed by Pope Francis.

However, before the start of the Divine Liturgy, Cypriot authorities arrested a man who tried to enter the stadium with a knife.

Meanwhile, a group of Orthodox Christian demanded the removal of the Pope from Cyprus.

During his stay in Cyprus, the Pope wrote in the golden book of the Archdiocese of Cyprus that the Mediterranean island was “a pearl of history and faith.”

He also thanked the Archbishop.

“We must always move forward on the path of dialogue,” he wrote, closing the note with two words written in Greek: “parsimony and patience.”

At 16:00 there will be an ecumenical prayer with immigrants in the parish church of the Holy Cross in Nicosia, where an address will be given.

It is noted that the Pope will take with him 50 refugees who until now lived in Cyprus.

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