Brazil files charges presuming Greek flag tanker was to blame for oil spill

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Federal Police end investigation of an oil spill that affected 11 states along the nation's coast

Federal Police in Brazil filed charges against the company behind a Greek-flag tanker that they blamed for an oil spill that polluted coastlines across 11 states as reported by

Officials also charged the tanker's chief engineer and captain.

None of the defendants was named in an announcement, and police did not say whether the company charged was the ship's owner or manager.

The charges come as part of the completion of a comprehensive investigation over the spill, which hit swathes of Brazil's coast between August 2019 and March 2020.

Officials said the cleanup cost BRL 188m ($32.5m), which they said sets the minimum value of the environmental damages.

The total destruction is still being calculated.

As TradeWinds has reported, the spill off northern Brazil sparked a hunt for clues that led to at least two tankers to be blamed for the incident, with owners, flag state officials and researchers then claiming that those ships were not to blame.

At one point, five Greek-flag ships were being investigated.

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