Emmanouil Pappas was a merchant, banker and leader of the Greek War of Independence in Macedonia

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Emmanouil Pappas (1772 - December 5, 1821)

From Serres in Macedonia, he was a merchant, banker and leader of the Greek War of Independence in Macedonia.

A Son of a Priest, Pappas himself would excel in business and finance, amassing great wealth. He was initiated as a member of Filiki Etaireia and was one of their most important members, becoming an important benefactor to the cause.

By 1821, he was the leader of some 4,000 Greek forces that landed at Agion Oros on the Chalkidiki Peninsula in Macedonia, during the Greek Revolution. The uprising spread to Polygyros and the other towns of Chalkidiki, intending to make a b-line for Thessaloniki.

Despite being grossly outnumbered by the Turks, Pappas and his men fought manfully, but eventually were overcome and the Greek Revolution in Macedonia was put down.

On the retreat via ship towards Hydra, Pappas suffered a heart attack, dying on board. On arrival at Hydra he was farewelled with the full honours of a General.

Pappas donated his vast fortune towards the Greek revolution in Macedonia, ships, weapons, supplies. Despite the unsuccessful campaign, it planted the seed in the minds of the natives, who launched several rebellions over the next century, seeking liberation from the Turks and freedom, which would eventually come in 1912.

His home village of Dovista in Serres, Macedonia, was renamed to Emmanouil Pappas in his honour and in 1971, 150 years after his death, his remains were moved from Hydra to the main square in Serres, placed under his statue.

Also 3 of his sons: Athanasios, Ioannis, Nikolaos: fought and died for the Greek cause during the Greek War of Independence.