Dramatic Ferry Disembarkation Captured On Small Greek Island (see Video)

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Terrifying video captures the moment people on a ferry called Skopelitis Express got stuck at the port with up to 9-10 Beaufort Winds. With Some daring passengers trying to get off on the island of tiny port of Schoinousa.

Daring passengers jumped off of the ship, while screams can be heard on board the ferry as it gets tossed around in the water. In the video luggage can be seen falling into the water. The metal exit knocks uncontrollably on the small pier.

Video filmed by Stamatoula Simou

When the Greek captain realized that the exiting of people off the ferry was endangering lives, he ordered the undocking and moved away.

Many cars and passengers couldn't exit the ship at their destination.

The Skopelitis Express had left the port of Naxos and was at Schoinousa. The ferry services these island and other small islands of the Cyclades upper Aegean Sea.

The “horror” trip took place on November 26, local news website Cyclades24, that also uploaded the exclusive video, reported.