Akar: Greece's militarisation is impoverishing the people

Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar

Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar fired shots at Greece once again for the so-called militarisation of Greek islands and the new equipment and alliances of which are very evidently bothering Ankara severely.

Speaking to the Sabah newspaper, Akar accused Greece of militarising the Aegean islands and violating the Lausanne Treaty, arguing that other countries are behind it.

Akar specifically stated: "We say that people on both sides should take advantage of the wealth of the Aegean and live together in security and prosperity, but our neighbouring Greece and especially some politicians are doing the opposite.

"They say 'We have now equipped the islands'. In essence, they admit it. This is a violation of the Lausanne Treaty.

"As long as the treaty is in force those islands cannot be equipped. Behind them there are some countries that urge and challenge them. And they come out and declare that 'We will be equipped'."

Reiterating his earlier statements, Akar argued that the new Greek armaments "impoverish" the Greek people, stressing that "there are some Greek diplomats, retirees and academics" who disagree with the government's policy towards Turkey."

"Despite the problematic economic situation in which they find themselves, they make large expenditures for them, putting the Greek people in serious problems.

"With the equipment you cannot get anywhere, it is a futile effort," he said, asking for cooperation from Greece and interpreting once again International Law and the Law of the Sea, in accordance with Turkish interests.

"Give up provocative actions and statements that increase tension and hold the hand of friendship that we extend.

"We say if we need to sit down and talk and reduce the exercises. But our neighbours with exercises, with NAVTEX and with alliances undermine this.

"We are inside NATO, it must be seen that the new artificial alliances will harm NATO "

Regarding the American presence in Alexandroupolis, he simply stated that: "We are closely following the developments".

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