Greek Olympic Committee: “We will not boycott Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics”

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic protest boycott Greek Olympic Committee

The 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled for February and the White House has announced a diplomatic boycott of the event for China’s alleged human rights abuses, and the question lingers, what will the Greek Olympic Committee do?

The partial boycott only applies to US government officials. It is noted that athletes competing under the US flag will not be affected by this decision.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman criticised the politicisation of sport and condemned US rhetoric as contrary to the spirit of the Games.

Canberra joined the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games in 2022, reported the ABC, citing Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said last month that he was working on a British boycott of the Games.

The European Parliament is calling for a full boycott of the Beijing Olympics.

But what will the Greek Olympic Committee do?

According to Sputnik Hellas, the Greek Olympic Committee said “there is no case from the Greek side for a boycott”.

It is also pointed out that “one of the Greek officials would not go to Beijing anyway, while the only one who may be present is the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis.”

However, the Committee is also not sure whether he will travel to China to watch the Winter Olympics.

The 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled for February 4 to 20.

The 2022 Winter Paralympic Games will begin on March 4 and last until March 13.

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