Greece set to pay its final debt to the IMF

2 19

The IMF welcomed the development

Greece is set to pay off its final debt to the IMF in January 2022, after the approval of the Eurogroup.

In March 2022, the Greek state will make an early repayment of part of the bilateral loans of the first memorandum, with countries of the European Union.

The development was welcomed on Monday by the IMF Director-General Kristalina Georgieva, noting it was “a great achievement”.

“Regarding Greece, I am excited that the country is doing so well. It is a great achievement for the country. The repayment of the Fund brings a symbolic closing of a difficult period for the Greek people and for the economy of Greece. Our role will continue to include monitoring and providing policy advice, we will continue to provide services to Greece if the country considers them useful,” said the head of the IMF.