New Greek platform assesses loan default risk for borrowers, links them to financial advisors

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A new platform will allow households and businesses to apply for more information on payment options once it is determined they may default on outstanding loans, the Finance Ministry said on Wednesday.

The activated "Mechanism of Timely Warning", as it is called, is available through the platform of the Special Secretariat for Private Debt Management (EGDICh), at (or

An applicant must allow access to private data for reasons of identification and cross-checking of data related to the program's calculations.

The data will be processed and the borrower will be classified in one of three "danger of default" categories (low, medium, and high). If the threat is more than low, then the borrower fills out a questionnaire and attaches the requested data. These factors are then reviewed by specialists, who draw up suggestions for repayments, planning, and other useful practices.

Once the process is completed, a borrower calls 213-212-5730 for an appointment through 52 Information and Borrower Support Bureaus.

Within 10 days, a first appointment is set to be held in person or online.

A householder will be able to gain information relating to a wide range of services, from details on the laws to learn how to draft a family budget, among other things.

A freelance professional and business owners will contact chambers of commerce, professional associations and institutes, where an appointed representative will contact them within 10 days for a similar appointment as above.

Besides legal advice, management of loans, and such, a professional will also be able to get business support advice, and guidance relating to planning, budgeting, business practices, as well as emotional support.

The platform and the mechanism are part of the law on managing loans and providing second chances to borrowers, the Finance Ministry said and is introduced as part of the European Directive 1023/2019.