General Floros ends three-day visit to Serbia

General Konstantinos Floros Serbia 2021

From Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 December 2021 and at the invitation of the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović, the Chief of General Staff General Konstantinos Floros paid an official visit to Serbia.

He also met with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Mr. Nebojša Stefanović, as well as with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nikola Selaković.

10 dec 003

On Thursday (December 9th), the Chief of General Staff laid a wreath at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier in Avala, Belgrade, followed by an official reception at the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces.

10 dec 008

Both during his one-on-one meeting with General Milan Mojsilović and in the ensuing talks, issues of mutual interest were discussed with an emphasis on current regional and international developments, the general political climate and security challenges in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

10 dec 011

They also discussed further deepening of the Greek-Serbian Military Cooperation in the context of their joint efforts for the consolidation of security and the maintenance of stability in the wider region.

10 dec 014

The pair also noted that the cooperation between the Armed Forces of the two countries is constantly developing with the introduction of new actions and is characterized by continuous qualitative and quantitative improvement, which contribute to the mutual upgrade of the operational capabilities of Greece and Serbia and strengthen mutual trust and traditional their relationships.

The two Leaders also referred to the plethora of trainings, exercises and joint trainings that take place at bilateral and multilateral level and are the focus of the Military Cooperation of the two Countries, as well as their joint participation in the European Union Battle Formation, of which HELBROC Greece maintains leadership.

10 dec 022

During the separate meetings of the Head of GEETHA with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Mr. Nebojša Stefanović PhD as well as with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nikola Selaković, in which the Ambassador of our Country in Belgrade Mr. Georgotiakos also to the security challenges in the Balkans, Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, to the traditionally good relations between Greece and Serbia, as well as to their Military Cooperation which, being highly developed, contributes to the joint strengthening of the military capabilities of the two Countries.

The two Ministers also expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Greece for its support to Serbia within the EU and NATO, as well as to the Kosovo issue.

10 dec 025

Referring to the efforts and the important contribution of the Greek Armed Forces in the role of our country as a pillar of security and stability in the region, the Chief of General Staff reiterated the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of November 2, 2021 on Kosovo.

10 dec 029

Greece is pleased with the easing of tensions in northern Kosovo and supports the Special Envoy's efforts for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

10 dec 024

Also, during his stay in Serbia, the Head of GEETHA visited the Greek Embassy in Belgrade, where he had the opportunity to talk with the Greek Ambassador Mr. George Diakofotakis and meet with its staff.

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