Man bashes wife to death in Northern Greece

Police car Greece Greek thessaloniki

A man took his severely injured woman to the hospital emergency area in Alexandroupolis in Northern Greece earlier this week in an unconscious state from the couple’s family home in Avantos on December 5

The man told the hospital staff she had fallen down the stairs. Unfortunately, the 29-year-old victim and mother of three succumbed to her injuries on Friday morning.

The man disappeared after he found out the victim had died.

It is still unclear whether the woman was taken to the hospital by her husband or the ambulance.

Local media reported that the woman’s parents filed a report against the husband to the police while the woman was still alive in ICU. The police immediately started an investigation.

The examination reportedly showed that the victim had suffered multiple injuries to various parts of the body, including a crushed liver and she had a ruptured spleen. The deceased was also covid positive.

The findings showed that the injuries could not have been sustained by a fall and they were more likely caused by a severe beating.

An autopsy will be performed early next week due to the fact the victim was Covid infected.

The woman leaves behind three children aged 3, 8 and 10, and are being currently taken care of by the grandparents.

A manhunt for the husband has been launched.  According to ERT TV, he was daily at the hospital together with other relatives and disappeared when his wife passed on late Thursday night.