Pakistani receives life sentence for the brutal murder of compatriot in Crete


A 36-year-old Pakistani received a life sentence for the brutal murder of his 24-year-old compatriot with a hammer in October 2018.

Local media outlet Creta Live reported that the Mixed Jury Court of Appeal of Eastern Crete found him guilty for the murder.

It is recalled that the horrible crime took place near a greenhouse in the ​​Tympaki area where the unfortunate 24-year-old worked.

The 36-year-old Pakistani was the one who had introduced the victim to the owner of the greenhouse to work.

He confessed to the crime, claiming that he killed his compatriot because of personal disputes.

When they quarreled, the 36-year-old threw him to the ground and then smashed his head with a hammer.

The body of the 24-year-old was found half-naked in a ravine with his head wrapped in nylon.

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