AEK to retire number 13 jersey in honor of Stevan Jelovac

Rest In Peace Stevan

AEK decided to honor Stevan Jelovac by retiring the number 13 jersey in front of the upcoming Basketball Champions League matchup as reported by By Eurohoops

AEK to retire number 13 jersey in honor of Stevan Jelovac 1

AEK Athens announced that the team will retire jersey with number 13 in honor of Stevan Jelovac who recently passed away. The ceremony will be held on December 14 before the start of the clash against Falco Szombathely in the Basketball Champions League.

Our brother Stevan “traveled” to the neighborhood of angels, but he will be in our hearts forever.

His form and his smile will forever remain in our minds to inspire us, to remind us, to guide us.

Stevan, our angel, “will never leave” from Ano Liosia. He will stay HERE, in a special way, to accompany us, for centuries …

The Management of AEK BC announces with sincere emotion and trembling that in the match of BCL, against Falco Szombathely, which will be held on Tuesday, December 14, the jersey of Stevan Jelovac will be withdrawn.

It is the raising of the shirt with the “13”, on the roof of our “Home”, in the Olympic Hall, in front of the people of our glorious Association, a humble tribute to the “laughing child” of the “Queen”, in which it began last August with dreams, to contribute with her to the new renaissance course, but the unexpected caught up with him …

In the 14 games (official and friendly), which he managed to play wearing the honored AEK, he sacrificed his quality and soul on the floor. Above all, however, he “deposited” in our daily life the high thoughts of the social and sports ideal, the beauty of simplicity, the unpretentious ethos, the smile of hope.

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