Bad weather in Albania: No electricity in 41 Greek minority villages for the third day

Albania weather

For the third day in a row, the 41 Greek minority villages of the Municipality of Dropolis (Δρόπολη, Albanian: Dropull) in the prefecture of Argyrokastro (Αργυρόκαστρο, Albanian: Gjirokastër) in Northern Epirus (southern Albania) remain without electricity due to bad weather.

According to Proto Thema, prolonged rains of the last few days have flooded the high voltage substation in Argyrokastro, from where the area is supplied with electricity.

As a result, the region has been without electricity for three days.

In combination with the floods in plains, roads and villages, as well as the bitter cold, the indigenous Greeks in Northern Epirus have been experiencing great difficulties.

Problems due to bad weather also occurred in other areas of the country.

The Aoos river water level has exceeded historical levels with the result that many areas in the southwestern part of the country overflow and flood, especially in the final stage before the river reaches the sea.

The water in the flooded areas has reached one metre.

The problems in the prefectures of Avlona Avlona (Αυλώνας, Albanian: Vlorë) and Fieri (Φιέρι) are especially felt.

Many houses and households have been flooded, while 50 families have been evacuated.

Also, crops and livestock units have been destroyed by the bad weather.

Problems also occurred in areas in the north and south east of the country due to snowfall.

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