The zeibekiko of defeat: George Papandreou dances at Exarcheia tavern

George Papandreou Zeimbekiko Zeibekiko

George Papandreou was in an Exarcheia fish tavern with his associates after the announcement of the results of the KINAL leadership, and danced a zeibekiko.

Without the anxiety of the elections and in order to thank his associates, who all this time gave a big fight for his candidacy, they dined at a well-known fish tavern in the centre of Athens.

The former prime minister danced a famous zeibekiko and uploaded the video.

His Dutch partner was also present.


Greece’s third-largest group in parliament on Sunday elected Nikos Androulakis, a European Parliament lawmaker, as its new leader.

Androulakis beat former Prime Minister George Papandreou to lead the Movement for Change (KINAL), a socialist coalition.

Androulakis, a civil engineer, began his political career as a leader of the youth wing of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, or PASOK, one of the parties in the Movement for Change.

With 22 lawmakers in the 300-member Greek Parliament, Movement for Change is Greece’s third-largest political grouping behind ruling conservative New Democracy and left-wing Syriza.

It gained 8.1% of the vote in Greece’s last national election, in July 2019.

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