Metropolitan of Ilia: Unvaccinated clergy that died of COVID-19 committed suicide, I don’t go to their funerals

Metropolitan of Ilia Germanos

In response to another theologian, the Metropolitan of Ilia, Germanos, wrote harshly about COVID-19 deniers and anti-vaccinators in a letter.

His reaction was directed especially to clergy, and it speaks of how some pretend to be pious but they are not vaccinated and entice the people to revolt against the government.

The Metropolitan of Ilia said that he considers those who are unvaccinated and died from COVID-19 as having committed suicide, adding that he does not even go to their funeral.

“In my opinion, the main cause of these reactions is selfishness and disobedience to the Holy Synod and the Bishop, with various, well-known excuses,” the metropolitan said.

“The reality is that in Greece alone there are more than 18,000 dead from COVID-19, while due to the vaccination, how many died?

“And let them not tell us that the media does not write the truth.

“Because the reactants to the vaccination would have revealed them and would not have been left with false excuses, like the ones the reactors themselves write.”

The metropolitan then said that the anti-vaccine clergy “pretend to be pious in order to have followers that will obey!”

“I consider the clergy and laity who died of the coronavirus to be suicidal (committing suicide) and I do not even go to their funeral,” the metropolitan added.

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