Boris and Carrie Johnson name daughter Romy Iris Charlotte

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Romy is after Carrie’s aunt Rosemary, Iris after Greek word for rainbow, and Charlotte after PM’s mother

Boris and Carrie Johnson have revealedthe name of their daughter, Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson.

Carrie Johnson, broadcasting on Instagram, said Romy was picked after her aunt Rosemary, Iris after the Greek word for rainbow, and Charlotte after the prime minister’s late mother.

She has previously described her daughter as a “rainbow baby”: a term to describe a child born after a miscarriage. The 33-year-old has spoken of having a miscarriage earlier in the year.

Rainbow Meaning

The roots of the Greek nameIris are found in the ancient years. Iris was a deity, the deity of the Rainbow. In modern Greek the word iris is used as an alternative for the rainbow phenomenon. This name can also be given in reference to the Greek words for the name of the iris flower or the coloured part of the eye.