EFTHYMIOS KAOUDIS: Hero of the Cretan Revolt, Macedonian Struggle and Balkan Wars

Efthymios Kaoudis

From the village of Kallikratis in southwestern Crete, Efthymios Kaoudis (1866 - December 17, 1956) was a Greek revolutionary, who took part in the Cretan Revolt (1895-98) and Leader of the first Cretan armed group during the Macedonian Struggle (1904-08).

It was Efthymios Kaoudis’ forces, who were the first to land a significant blow against the Bulgarian komitatzides in 1904. Following the death of Pavlos Melas, it was Efthmios Kaoudis who assumed leadership of all forces throughout Western Macedonia.

Along with opposing the Bulgarians throughout Macedonia, he also clashed with various Turk units.

Kaoudis also participated in the Balkan Wars (1912-13), helping to liberate the island of Samos, before returning again to fight in Macedonia, where liberation of the region and union with the rest of Greece became a reality.

He reached the rank of Captain in the Greek Army and following the Balkan Wars, he established the “Pavlos Melas Organisation”, which was a group looking out for the interests for veterans of the Macedonian Struggle.

Following World War II he wrote his memoirs, which are a great source of information about the Struggle for Macedonia in the early 20th century.

He died in Thessaloniki in 1956.

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