Greek cuisine earns 2nd place TasteAtlas scoreboard. Italy first.

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TasteAtlas, the world’s food atlas website, has just published a list of the top cuisines and the 100 best traditional dishes in the world for 2021.

Greek cuisine is second on the list only to Italy’s, which had an average score of 4.78. Greece scored 4.73, followed by Spain with 4.58. Romania was in fourth place, and Mexico in fifth.

Users also placed Greek stuffed vegetables (“gemista”) as the top vegetable food in the world, while Cretan rusk topped with chopped tomatoes, feta, herbs and olive oil (“dakos”) was found to be the world’s best salad.

The rankings are based on over 100,000 user ratings at TasteAtlas that contains a database of more than 15,000 traditional dishes and local food products.

Back in September Italian TV chef Gino D’Acampo was left furious when Gordon Ramsay told him that he thinks Greek food was better than Italian food.

For those of you who missed it here it is again.