This is the most unlucky contestant on a Greek gameshow


Gameshows were once broadcast all over television and many people won huge sums of money... Of course, not everyone was lucky.

There are those who left empty-handed or, to be more specific, with three videotapes.

You see, Gazzetta is talking about -perhaps- the most unlucky player who has ever been on a gameshow.

So, we go back in time and travel to the early 1990s, when Andreas Mikroutsikos presented on the MEGA network The Big Bazaar, one of the most successful games in the history of Greek television.

The player we are talking about had come down to the set and had two options in front - which one to keep.

At first he had two boats in front of him, one red and one gray.

He chose the latter, with Mikroutsikos revealing that if he had kept the former he would have won a real boat worth 2,250,000 drachmas.

Mikroutsikos then gave the contestant the choice to hold the gray boat or curtain 2, with the player going straight to the curtain, losing another boat of the same value as the first.

The choices from the presenter continued. Curtain 2 or curtain 3?

Obviously the player went to the next option again, losing another boat of equal value to the first.

Eventually, he left the gameshow with three empty videotapes and a big frustration that was evident on his face.

"This misfortune does not go away. It was the worst. You hit rock bottom," Andreas Mikroutsikos told him shortly before saying goodbye.

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