Death of 8-year-old girl in Keratsini: Shocking Forensic Findings

Death of 8-year-old girl in Keratsini: Shocking Forensic Findings

The forensic report showing the time of death of 8 year old Romanian girl Olga in Keratsini, Greece has produced shocking findings.

Olga died on November 17 after she became wedged between the wall and an electric gate weighing one tonne as it slid closed at a factory premises.

Security footage contains disturbing images as the little girl, who had sought refuge in the factory, remained trapped by the heavy gate without any aid.

Despite being seen by two or three employee of the factory, the metal gate was allowed to slam closed on her body for a second time.

For 20 minutes the little girl seemed to be struggling to breathe, but in a display of shocking indifference no one helped her.

One factory worker was captured on the footage passing by the girl as she struggled, turning his head and walking away.

Almost a minute later, the worker is seen to return and instead of helping the child, heads into the warehouse.

Another worker is seen prodding Olga’s body with his foot.

Medical help for Olga did not arrive for an hour and ten minutes after the incident by which time she was pronounced dead.

The time of death as contained in the forensic report reveals important information as to whether there had been time for witnesses, who had stood by and watched the incident without aiding Olga, to help and thereby potentially save her life.

What the Security Footage Showed

17:55:02:  Surveillance footage reportedly shows an employee passing by the little girl again being stuck between the door and the wall, looking at her but doesn’t approach her.

17:57:13 The door finally opens and the girl falls to the ground. Two workers approach, stand over her with a flashlight. They then take a few steps back, talk to each other and walk away leaving the helpless girl behind.

18:05 A car drives by the body of the little girl. Immediately after, the factory workers leave the site following an order, according to their depositions to investigators.

A worker is captured by the security camera, poking the girl with his foot. At the same time he is talking on his mobile phone.

At 18:31 a truck enters the premises, without it being clear if the driver sees the child. At 18:34 the door closed again with little Olga becoming stuck again.

Death of 8-year-old girl in Keratsini: Shocking Forensic Findings

Death of 8-year-old girl in Keratsini: Shocking Forensic Findings

The death of the 8-year-old Romanian girl Olga was caused by suffocation and internal bleeding, as the heavy door crushed her spine.

The medical examiner’s report states that the death of the child was slow and torturous. Olga was trapped between the metal door and the wall for 70 minutes.

The girl’s family and their lawyer are claiming that the incident was racially motivated. Their legal reaction is expected shortly.

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