106-year-old grandmother was vaccinated for COVID-19 in Volos

106-year-old volos vaccinated

Mrs. Garyfallia from Volos, aged 106, won her “Freedom” yesterday at noon as she was vaccinated for COVID-19.

She was a pleasant surprise for the private doctor who went to her house to vaccinate her.

The 106-year-old grandmother is among the oldest living people in Greece and called urgently for people to receive the vaccination.


Mrs. Garyfallia Voulgari, who was born on February 3, 1916 in Zagora, was looking forward to receiving the jab, but due to her age and incarceration and immobility, it was not considered necessary since her children and grandchildren were all vaccinated.

Everyone could meet her and spend hours with her but she insisted on receiving the jab to the point that her children could no longer refuse her, Gegonota reported.


Her doctor judged that her health condition allowed her to receive the shot as she wished.

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