Why is the arrival of the new American Ambassador to Athens delayed?

George Tsunis ambassador

Until very recently, everything indicated that the American Ambassador in Athens Geoffrey Pyatt would be replaced in mid-July after nearly five years in Greece.

The election of Joe Biden at the beginning of the year signaled the foreseen need for a change of guard in the American Embassy as well.

The ambassador of Greece, that still belongs to the "instigator of riots in Ukraine", is expected to be taken by the Greek-American businessman George Tsunis.

Tsunis was nominated by, among others, the Democratic senator of New Jersey, Robert Menendez, who is regularly elected by the Americans.

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee is called upon to give the green light for this in the near future.

The process is time consuming, and all indications are that it will reportedly take about 1.5 months from the official announcement of the candidacy in October.

According to inside sources, it is further delayed due to the pandemic that has caused the reshuffle of many works of the Commission.

The "bad languages" of diplomacy, however, commenting on the delay with caustic humour, note that "Pyatt does not want to go home yet."

The paradox is that his ambassador candidacy still has potential to be blocked as it is worth recalling that Tsunis was a candidate during the presidency of Barack Obama.

He was preparing to take over as US ambassador to Norway, something that was not approved by the US Senate.

Tsunis' company manages world-famous hotels in the US, while he regularly travels to Greece.

He attended a Greek school, spoke Greek at home, and was an active member of the Church.

He is well known in the Greek-American community and has participated in the Archdiocesan Council of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

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