Occupied Cyprus: Tatar adamant on a two-state solution rejected by the UN

Ersin Tatar Cyprus

Leader of Turkish-speaking Cypriots Ersin Tatar said there was no way that Turkish-speaking Cypriots would take a step back "from the policy of two separate sovereign equal states."

Tatar argued, among other things, that there are two distinct "peoples" in Cyprus, and that "the settlement policy, which provides for the cooperation of two sovereign equal states we cherish today, stems from here."

According to Proto Thema, "instead of a federal agreement, which includes the dangers of returning to the pre-1974 period after the price and the sacrifices made", Tatar proposed the policy of "two separate sovereign equal states."

He said they announced the new policy to the international community with the full support of Turkey.

Stressing the need for a struggle so that everyone can accept "the existence of the TRNC [Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus]", Tatar said that "all these injustices done to the Turkish Cypriot people were explained to the leaders and representatives of foreign missions and that the people saw and accepted that two separate peoples and two separate states in Cyprus."

"This is a Turkish Republic that the people do not recognise, but accept," he said.

Noting that "despite the embargo imposed on the Turkish Cypriot people, there are students from 144 different countries in the TRNC", Tatar said. "This recognition will come one day."

Asked about developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, Tatar said that "as a separate people, we govern ourselves and the TRNC has the right to conclude agreements with the Republic of Turkey on structure, borders and maritime jurisdiction."

"So our existence and our rights have increased in the Blue Homeland," he added.

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