Domna Michailidou reveals cases of sexual abuse against children in an Attica orphanage

Domna Michailidou

Creepy revelations about the sexual abuse of children in an orphanage in Attica were made by the Deputy Minister of Labour Domna Michailidou.

Speaking to ANT1, she revealed that she received a personal letter about sexual abuse in an orphanage in Attica.

The letter claimed that there was talk of sexual relations between the children - in the presence of the employees of the institution.

"I went to the prosecutor's office, filed an indictment with the deputy prosecutor and froze the funding. The investigation for this structure began with the National Transparency Authority," said Michailidou.

According to the Deputy Minister of Labour, pediatricians and child psychiatrists have already gone to this structure and are examining all the children.

In fact, as Michailidou said, from January to February, investigations will be carried out in all institutions.

Finally, the Deputy Minister pointed out that "four children were removed from the structure to be examined at the Children's Hospital so that they can be in a neutral environment and see what happens".

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