"Greece does have a winter": New campaign launched to promote winter tourism

Greece does have a winter

With the central message "Greece does have a winter" and the motto from the successful central campaign "All you want is Greece", the tourism ministry and the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) on Thursday launched a new campaign to promote the country's winter tourism destinations and mainland attractions.

The design and production of the campaign was sponsored by the Onassis Foundation, according to an announcement.

The campaign focuses on winter options available in Greece, in addition to promoting its natural beauty and the full range of its tourism product.

It emphasises authentic experiences, the unique identity of the country and Greek traditions, especially the fact that Greece does not only have islands but also a unique mainland, gastronomical and culinary delights and a safe environment.

The campaign features a video of a young woman who informs viewers that "Greece has a winter too" and offers images of winter landscapes and activities available at mainland destinations, such as cycling, paragliding, rafting and a host of others.

The four-month campaign will be modified as it unfolds, based on the course of the pandemic in target markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Israel.

It will be further enriched with the promotion of city-break destinations (Athens, Thessaloniki).

As Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias noted, for the first time the declared aim of reducing the strongly seasonal nature of Greece's tourism product and the geographic concentration of visitors in certain areas takes on a tangible form, with a campaign to support winter destinations.

He thanked the Onassis Foundation for its assistance in the present and future tourism promotion campaigns.

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