"First Lady" Irina Karamanos speaks of her Greek roots, says "Chile need a feminist conception of politics"

Irina Karamanos Gabriel Boric Chile

The partner of Chile's President-elect Gabriel Boric, Irina Karamenos, spoke about her relationship with Greece and said that "we need a feminist conception of politics."

Boric is just 35 years old and the youngest president in Chilean history.

Irina Karamanos, 32, spoke to ERT 3 about her grandparents' birthplace, Kimi, and about her relationship with Gabriel Boric - who at just 35-years-old will be Chile's youngest president.

She also revealed her plans and dreams for the future as the First Lady of Chile, a title that she says is outdated.

Irina Karamanos has studied Anthropology and Communication Sciences in Germany, speaks four languages ​​(Spanish, Greek, English and German) and is a member of the soon-to-be ruling coalition, leading the Feminist Front.

Her father, Georgios Karamanos, led the Greek community in Santiago in the 1980s.

Speaking to ERT3, she stressed that "the new government's goal is equality, social justice and human rights."

"Our challenge is to change the constitution, we need a feminist conception of politics," Irina Karamanos said, adding that "the First Lady must play an active role in politics and diplomacy."

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