THESSALONIKI: Police officer with mask on his chin fines someone who did not wear it at all

mask police

A surreal scene was recorded by ERT's camera in Thessaloniki, with a police officer who had his mask down on his chin and fined a citizen who did not wear a mask.

"With all due respect, I obey the law, I cannot do anything else," said the policeman to the young man, who replied that he was vaccinated and that he was going to work with the skateboard.

When observing the video, one can see that both the police officer and the citizen had a mask with them, however neither of them was wearing it.

The policeman did not wear it properly as his mask did not cover either his mouth or nose, while the citizen did not wear it at all.

See the video:

According to local media Thestival, the General Police Director of Thessaloniki was informed about the incident and ordered an administrative investigation into the incident.

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