New Azerbaijani propaganda video aims to alienate Orthodox Christians from Armenians

Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh

Azerbaijan has attempted to present Armenians as responsible for vandalizing a Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Artsakh.

The video, made by a Russian-Azeri woman who belongs to the party of dictator Ilham Aliyev and is a deputy head of the youth branch, attempts to to alienate the Russian Orthodox church from Armenians.

Now, it's Greek translation and uploaded by the Azeri Ambassador to his YouTube channel, clearly demonstrates the nasty intentions of these falsifiers and deniers of history.

Artsakh has always been proud of the Monuments of Religious and Cultural Heritage that are in its territory and considers them as part of its Historical and Cultural heritage.

The Armenians of Artsakh also pay special attention to the work of protecting and preserving the monuments of Russian religious and cultural heritage.

Noteworthy, the Republic of Artsakh's annual state budget provides for spending on the preservation and restoration of Historical and Cultural monuments.

The Russian church Surp Astvatzin / Saint Astvatzin is located in Gevorgavan in the Martuni area of Artsakh Republic.

The church was built more than 100 years ago by immigrants from Russia. The church was made of limestone and it is yellow in the appearance.

It has two entrances, that open from the west and north sides. The number of windows is more than two dozen. The parishioners were Russian settlers.

In 1989, restoration began of the church began, which were stopped due to the aggression that Azerbaijan unleashed against Artsakh and in which the church suffered major damage again.

Before the war started in 2020, the government of Artsakh worked on the church restoration plan and was looking for a sponsor to start work on the church restoration.

Thus, the propaganda material by the Azerbaijani Embassy in Greece, with its translation in Greek regarding the allegation against the Russian Orthodox religious sites, is another provocation that is baseless and riddled with fake information aimed at spreading hatred against Armenians.

More disturbingly, the Azerbaijani Embassy in Athens is once again trying to undermine and put a wedge in Armenia's relationship with Greece and other friendly countries.

Azerbaijan, which deliberately destroys cultural monuments, is trying with baseless accusations to hide the numerous cases of vandalism that itself has committed.

It must be noted that on December 7, 2021 the International Court of Justice, in the context of the case - Armenia against Azerbaijan, judged that Azerbaijan must first of all “take all necessary measures to prevent discrimination and its incitement, including by its officials and public institutions."

On the other hand, the Court requires Azerbaijan to “Take all necessary measures to prevent and punish acts of vandalism and desecration towards Armenian cultural heritage, including churches and other places of worship, monuments, landmarks, cemeteries and artifacts."

Contrary to the decisions of the International Court of Justice, Azerbaijani officials continue the targeted spread of racial hatred and take no measures to prevent the destruction of the Armenian cultural heritage lawlessness.

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