Champion pilots paint the sky above Crete with "2022"

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Shortly before the end of 2021, pilots Katerina Kalligiannaki and Nikos Makrakis, air athletes and champions of Greece in 2020-2021, boarded a single-engine aircraft and formed in the sky of Crete the number "2022".

According to Creta Live, this was done for the first time with a single-engine, ultralight aircraft without autopilot.

The plane was tracked at 3,500 feet from the ground in the area of Heraklion.

The huge "2022" was 25 km long and 8 km wide, while the total distance flown by the plane was about 90-100 nautical miles or ~ 180 km.

It started from the area of ​​Tylisos and ended in the area of ​​Episkopi.

pilots Katerina Kalligiannaki and Nikos Makrakis

The two pilots dedicated the flight to all Greeks.

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