How many days would a Greek, a Turk and a Swiss need to work to get an iPhone 13?

Apple iPhone 13

Although the situation has improved since 2020 and even more so from 2019 and 2018, the Greek - on average - has to work 25.1 days to be able to acquire the new Apple iPhone 13.

A Greek in 2020 had to work 26.7 days to be able to afford the iPhone 13 and in 2019 it would have been 27.7 working days.

Note that the prices of the iPhone 11, 12, and 13 do not differ significantly.

Cypriot workers compared to the Greek ones are in a better situation, needing 14.9 days (14.3 in 2019), while at the top of the list are Turkish workers, which need 92.5 working days to afford the new iPhone.

Picodi averaged the price of the iPhone13 with 128MB of memory and the average per capita income.


In Greece, the official price of the basic version of the iPhone 13 Pro (128 GB) amounts to €1,179.

As of last year, buyers will find neither a charger nor headphones in the box. The only exception is France, where the law requires Apple to include headphones.

According to the latest data from EFKA, the average salary in Greece is €1,258 gross (€987 net).

This means that a statistical resident of Greece would have to work for 25.1 days until they can get the iPhone 13 Pro (assuming he will spend his entire salary on it).

Compared to last year's iPhone Index, Greece's result improved by 1.4 days.

This is the iPhone index in Greece in recent years:

2018 - 27.8 days
2019 - 27.7 days
2020 - 26.5 days
2021 - 25.1 days

Note that in Turkey an employee in 2021 has to work 95.2 days to get the iPhone13, while in Switzerland it is only 4.4.

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